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If you are looking for more photography, there isn't any here.

These are temporary notes to my friends.

Guys - this isn't perfect yet. Its very much a work in progress. At some point, after adding narration,  I will stitch all these short videos together. 

There will ultimately be two threads focused on the concept of being part of a big group. One private. One public.

One features the sincere thoughts of the CIA. All about the Who, the What, the When, the Where and the Why of belonging to a big group. These videos will stay under password.

The second thread will make the case for starting a big group of your own.  THE WHYS & THE HOWS. 

The target market for this video series  are people in their 20s and 30s.      About the age of most of our kids.

Obviously it is easy to start a group if you already have many close friends. It is far more difficult for those with few, if any close friends to begin with. Either way, a lot of friends, or few, the How section will try to help people figure out how to start a group of their own, and to set it up to last for decades. 

The Why section will cover the long term health benefits that result from starting and then belonging to your own big group. 

Keep in mind that the How To series of videos need narration added overtop of the music. I am still thinking through that script.

For this 'still-early-days' version of my How content to make sense to you, please watch these short videos in order.

Unfortunately this photography focused website design doesn't handle videos well. So watching these videos in their proper order is not as easy as it will be eventually with a purpose built site.

So. For Now...

After the first video is finished, you will see a frame around a bunch of small video thumbnails.

DON'T click those thumbnails.

Instead, click the X at the top right of the frame. That will  take  you back to the video menu. Repeat.

See that arrow? Click that X.

Otherwise you may not see these videos in their most logical order.  

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