Mixing Paintings and Photographs

For the past 20 years I have consciously been trying to make images that look like paintings. 

That goal was occasionally achieved by making long hand held exposures where the shutter was open for a long enough time that the detail was reduced and softened. The ambient movement I was making while trying to hold the camera still for up to 20 seconds of open shutter time, mainly from the simple act of breathing, created the painting like effect. 
Unlike the intentional camera movement (ICM) style which can be a very beautiful thing when done well - witness the work of Valda Bailey or Chris Friel (I'm a proud owner of an image by each of them), I never really moved the camera - I just stood there and breathed. 
For the past year I have been combining paintings and photography. I photograph a painting, using either intentional camera movement or I shoot it through distorting lenses. This painting image is then layered with either an earlier photograph of mine, or with another painting. These combinations create the images presented here.